Covering all of Scotland with Technicians based in Lanarkshire, Total Pest Solutions adopt, in most instances, a same day call out response for all pest related problems.


In most domestic circumstances, infestations can be cleared up with as little as one job visit, depending on the levels of activity found.


Job visits will detail the levels of activity found, treatment carried out, preparations used and also highlight any hygiene or proofing issues relevant to infestations found.

 Risk / COSHH assessments carried out on each visit.


Common Domestic Pests Include:

(Vespula vulgaris)

(Mus domesticus)

(Lasius niger)

(Rattus norvegicus)

(Sciurus Carolinensis)

(Talpa europoea)

(Cimex lectularius)

(Ctenocephalides felis)

(Sturnus vulgaris)



Black Ant

Brown Rat

Grey Squirrel

Northern Mole


Cat Flea