Total Pest Solutions offer various levels of contract pest prevention, from basic reporting right through to a full Executive Reporting System, depending on the type of cover required.


The Basic service usually consists of a set amount of visits per annum, spaced at regular intervals to monitor any pest activity and carry out treatment as and when required. Hygiene and Proofing issues will be raised and advice given as required. All paperwork within the service folder will be available for inspection by Environmental Health, auditors, etc.


The Executive Reporting System consists of the above services but utilises a fully integrated and accurate service folder. This will categorise all areas covered and services provided, from the technicians reports through to any biologist visits, fly control unit servicing, catch tray analysis etc. Strict regular visits, follow up procedures and accurate records will monitor any waves or trends throughout the year and keep your premises pest free. Our Executive Reporting System will meet the ever demanding criteria required from bodies such as BRC/EFSIS/HACCP and of course external auditors.